Saturday, October 24, 2009


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Random 2

Sorry for lack of updates for the past few weeks.
Everyone was busy with uni workload...

Anyway... Since the monkeys are having 1 week mid sem break this week
I'm going to update as many post as possible! =)

Besides that, monkey Beng had just bought a new gadget and it's COOL! i mean... C-O-O-L! Hehe...

It's the monster - Sony Cybershot HX-1

However, we're still working out on the setting of the camera to take
the best quality photos.

That means more photo shooting sessions to come!

Well, at the time being... more updates bout the shaking monkeys in the upcoming post
as well as some really nice wallpapers...

Random post 2

Lord Monkey...
use Nokia N81?

and he's trying to fly as well... -.-"

Here are some view taken using Nokia N81
(lookout view from Swinburne main building)

Robert - Ham Sap smile

Swinburne Freshmen Night 2008

Monkey Beng conducting Swinburne Choir club

Then Lord Monkey and monkey Beng were called up the stage to play some japanese game

Supper time @ KFC

Spot anything unusual in the photo?


And they think it's cool... -.-"

Patrick laying on monkey bed sheet! o.O

The Dog laying on dalmatian dog bed sheet...

Dinner @ Singapore Chicken Rice

And then everyone start to get a bit retarded after the meal.
I suspect they put 'something' in the food!
Haha... jk..

I wonder what's going through my mind...


Sloth! Haha...

Tea time @ 'Summer House'

Ice kacang...

Belacan bee hun...

and NEXT...!

Super big bowl of delicious Laksa... 2 thumbs up!

Alright... that's all for this post...
monkey martin signing off...